How to feel more confident during a photo shoot

November 15, 2022

Let’s face it, having a camera pointed at you rarely makes you ooze with confidence. But there are a few things you can do to help feel a bit more relaxed and bring out your best self in photos.

Choose a photographer you align with and trust

The number one thing you can do to feel more confident in front of the camera is to choose a photographer you like, trust and like the style of. When your work with a photographer you get along with, everything seems to be so much more smooth and easy. Personally, I like to get to know my clients before shoots so that on the day we both feel more connected and comfortable around one another.

Wear clothes that make you feel good

Choose clothes that make you feel amazing and represent who you are. Working with a personal stylist to get some advice – especially if you are your brand – can be super helpful too. Always try out clothes before shoots as well to make sure everything fits well and makes you feel good.

Get your hair and nails done

Similarly to having the right clothes, getting your hair and nails done close to the shoot day can make you feel refreshed and confident.

Try out poses before the shoot

Not sure how to pose? Photographers can often help you with posing but playing around wit poses in front of a mirror can help you feel more confident on the shoot day. My Pinterest Board here has some poses you can get inspired by or you can make your own depending on what mood/style you’re after.

Choose a location that makes you feel comfortable

I often feel clients feel way more relaxed in locations they know and feel good in – their home, office spaces, favourite cafes, parks etc.

Hope this was helpful. Ready to start planning your own shoot? Get in touch here.