How to tell your story with brand photography

October 13, 2022

Once I read a great quote by the amazing Seth Godin who said that ‚ÄúPeople do not buy goods & services. They buy relations, stories & magic”.* It really resonated with me. All too often we try and push our products but don’t realise that the best way to connect with our ideal customer and guide them in their purchase decisions is through building connections.

Sophie is a wonderful actress and yoga instructor. We wanted to capture her beautiful, soft personality and her versatility with various outfit changes and poses.

If you’ve known me for a while you’ve heard me bang on about story-telling. It’s because stories are a powerful way to build human connection. They help your ideal customer get to know who you are and decide whether they want to work with you/buy from you.

And what better way is there to tell your story than visually?

Brand photography is all about understanding you, your brand, your values and personality and translating that into visuals that resonate with your ideal customer and make them want to purchase from you.

So here are some ways to tell your story visually through brand photography

Start with YOU

Eileen is the afternoon tea expert. She’s the face behind her brand so for her brand photos it was important to show her face. She loves colourful clothing so it was important to incorporate that into the photography.

As a creative or small business owner, you are likely the face of your brand so it’s important that you share good quality, up-to-date and on-brand images of yourself across your platforms. Think about what your work day looks like. What part of it could be interesting for your ideal customer to see? For some businesses this may mean showing “a day in the life of” for others it could be “behind the scenes” or “5 things you didn’t know about me” type of content.

Sharing the person/people behind your brand can help your ideal customer get to know you and even decide whether they trust you or not, so make sure you’re authentic and honest.

Tell the story about how you’ve built your business

Susie is a writer and human rights lawyer who wrote a book about a topic she’s deeply passionate about: Recasting our human rights for the digital age can we safeguard our future.

Many of us have a WHY. Why we decided to be start a business, what our stumbling blocks are/were, who and what helped us get over those and succeed and where we see the business moving forward. Translating why you started and what your journey has been into visual content can really strengthen and support your story and help you connect with your ideal customer.

Talk about how your product/service can help your ideal customer

Elodie is a sleep consultant who helps parents feel more rested and happy. We decided to feature her daughter Elodie in the photos to help tell her story. Elodie is the reason she started the business throughout the pandemic.

Do you have reviews, case studies, previous customers who are willing to tell their story of how your product/service helped them? Share them along with a photo of them. You can even ask some of your customers to be featured in your brand photoshoots.

To sum up, visual story-telling can be powerful. Use it to build connections and trust, stand out in a pool of competitors and attract your ideal customer.

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*Here is Seth Godin’s blog if you’d like to give it a read